5 Do’s for How to Attract a Great Woman

“A guy can be short and dumpy and having bald but when he’s got fire, women will like him.” – Mae West
Women are so painfully hard to find out aren’t they? Just whenever you think you have done everything right, you can find yourself checking phone awaiting a phone call that never comes, watching enviously as men easier with girls than you laugh and indulge in the glow of these victorious efforts. You’re over-prepared, well groomed, upper body straining upon your shirt from all those hours in the gym pumping iron and you’ve got grown sick and tired with observing yourself within the mirror reciting clever chat up lines while doing your better to look cool. “But I’ve changed, I’m…better now, aren’t I?” you say to yourself, and the reality is you’ve got changed — just not in the right ways.
Before we embark on, I’d like to share several myths that appear to have taken root within the minds that face men, men that find it difficult to fathom precisely how those other lucky fellows always seem to strike it lucky. Let’s pinpoint them and reduce them once and for all.
(*) Muscles: The majority of females don’t select muscles because women aren’t as fixated around the physical form as men.(*) Niceness: Being nice on a regular basis is no challenge and quickly becomes boring.(*) Compliments: Compliments instantly result in a woman to be guard. Save the compliments for after you have wooed her.(*) Looks: Again, it is not always about looks. There’s more to it than that.
The knowledge I’m about to discuss is based on fact, not opinion. This is away from the horse’s mouth. In 2 recent online polls by Opinion Research Corporation in Princeton, New Jersey, and BestLifeOnline.com, over a thousand women between the ages of 21 and 54 were surveyed to find out what you found most attractive that face men. The answers were intriguing. Can do for you we learned.
1) DO make her laugh
77% of people women said that the personality trait they found most desirable that face men, was the power they have to make them laugh as well as a good love of life generally. There will be something reassuring of a man who smiles and laughs easily. Is it that his infectious child-like vitality rubs off on those around him? Think about someone like Robin Williams, rest his soul, he wasn’t always firing off jokes left, right and center, no, he had this magnetic capability to find humor in everything also to lighten any situation. To perform you will want to:
(*) Rediscover your inner child(*) Quit taking yourself so seriously(*) Obtain the good in everything and everybody
2) DO ooze passion
Be enthusiastic about something, anything that isn’t you. Find a hobby and immerse yourself inside it the way in which artists, mountain climbers and musicians do. 46% of females within the survey said they loved men of passion and here’s nearly anything, spend an hour or so understanding how to play a guitar, exactly the basics is all you’ll want to play various simple songs. Here’s why: a study published in Psychology of Music found out that women are far more prone to be seduced by a man who plays a musical instrument compared to what they are another man. Become passionate, or learn to play the guitar.
3) DO wait her every word
With the top 5 practical skills within the survey, listening arrived on the scene on the top with 53%. To put it simply, women feel better having a guy that’s willing to lend her his ear and provides her his full, undivided attention.
4) DO dress with style
In terms of physical attributes, style trumped the others with 30% with the vote. Women want the man on their own arm to mirror positively with them. Purchase some nice suits as well as do some homework to find out what’s in fashion. That you do not need to choose the expensive stuff, just keep an eye on what’s currently in vogue and you will satisfy most women’s eye for details. Simply so you already know, only 13% voted for muscles.
5) DO get her hooked on your confident manner
Although this trait was voted extremely high, it had not been of up to some of the other favorable traits. Still, you’ll need confidence well before you approach the girl you’ve always dreamed of anyway. The key reason why I’ve put confidence last is simply because should you work on the first four qualities with this list and employ them anytime you can, you’ll BECOME confident anyway because you’ll be satisfied with who and what you happen to be. Confidence is security, confidence is intrigue and confidence is stability, all of the things women look for in a man.
Do these five things and your chances of sweeping the girl of your choice off her feet, increases tenfold. May the forces of attraction be with you!